Sustainable, organic, vegan & clean beauty brand SEEDS OF COLOUR


I adore the world of cosmetics, it has been my life for decades, first as a makeup artist and now a brand creator. For me makeup, can make us look good and feel good! – what’s not to like!

Also, as I have previously mentioned in my blogs I am passionate about clean and sustainable beauty.


Seeds of Colour is an innovative and exciting new makeup brand that satisfies me on both levels!


I first met Steve the scientist, from whose pioneering brain had the ideas for Seeds of Colour, about 6 years ago. He has developed a way to extract and utilise the pigments from what would otherwise be discarded fruit and vegetables, fascinating on one level and supporting a true circular economy on another.

Something we should all strive for.


I was brought on board to advise colours and textures for the launch products and I was amazed at the colour and range of the pigments he could get!


Alongside Steve and Anna (the brand manager) we developed a small initial range of lip & cheek tints using some of these pigments, the product is packaged sustainably and manufactured in the UK. In my eyes it’s a true innovation in the beauty industry where science, circular economy and beauty meet. I talked to Anna Vallee about the brand.




What products do you have in the collection at the moment?


For launch, Seeds of Colour introduced natural colour balms in four flattering-for-all shades: Red Berry, a vibrant mulberry, for a damson-toned wash of colour; Rose Pink, a warm dusky rose shade, with subtle hints of carnation pink; Warm Caramel, a golden, buttery blush hue for sun-kissed natural warmth; True Nude, a natural flush of colour to illuminate your skin tone.



Can you tell us a little bit of background into Seeds Of colour.


The idea for the brand was born from a collaboration with NIAB (National Institute for Agricultural Botany) who hosted a project that sought to find new uses for surplus organic British produce. Bio Scientist and Head of Formulations for Seeds of Colour, Dr Steve Taylor worked on this project and began to research extraction technology for recovering pigments from fruits and vegetables in an eco-friendly way. After much research, Dr Taylor discovered this could be applied to cosmetics, for healthier, kinder-to-skin formulations.



What makes SOC different from mainstream brands?


Suitable to use across the lips, lids and cheeks, the Natural Colour Balm’s signature pigment has been forged from some of the finest ingredients nature has to offer, including; beetroot, blackcurrant, blueberry, coconut, castor, neroli, paprika and sunflower. Different blends of these natural ingredients have been used to make versatile balm shades that suit all skin tones, whilst also harnessing ingredients that are good for the skin. Boasting a whole host of skincare benefits, these antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating balms demonstrate harnessing the power of nature to empower people to express their natural beauty.



Do you plan on expanding the range?


Yes. Currently we are testing 24 new shades to be launched in the near future.


As a makeup artist and a clean beauty enthusiast, in my opinion it’s the next level and trend in cosmetics, did you spot this trend?


Indeed! We believe that nature is the future of beauty and for us, at Seeds of Colour, the future is now.




What makes them truly sustainable and why do you think consumers should follow this trend?


Colour pigment production is harmful, pollutive and wasteful. It involves minerals, insect crushing, and chemicals - really not sustainable practices. The formulas are just one part of this brand's sustainable efforts, each balm is packaged in a fully recyclable aluminium tube, with a recyclable plastic lid, which Seeds of Colour is looking to change to sustainable wood or bio-plastic to make it even greener. The outer box packaging of the brand is fully recyclable cardboard. Pledging a further commitment to the environment, Seeds of Colour is working in collaboration with like-minded charity SeaTrees, a conservation programme which has already planted 1 million Sea Trees, and is aiming for a further 1 million to negate the effects of Carbon stored in the worlds ocean beds which has a negative effect on global warming. For every online order with Seeds of Colour, the brand, in partnership with SeaTrees, will plant one mangrove tree, helping to reduce climate change impacts and increase biodiversity on land and in the sea with every purchase.



Where are the pigments from?


Our pigments are nutrient-rich and full of anthocyanins - powerful antioxidants. Great for the skin and the planet. Through our partnership with NIAB, we have access and can use fruits and vegetables discarded from the British countryside.



Where do you retail so our customers can see where to shop?


You can find our products at our website and at