Plastic Packaging In The Beauty World...

The ever increasing £500 billion per year global beauty and personal care industry has historically relied heavily on plastic packaging.. It’s the cheaper option by far.

But as we become more aware of the environmental degradation of our planet and taking care of it for future generations this is all changing – in a positive way.


My personal opinion is that every little helps and at KILI we wanted to make a difference. We are small and an Indi brand but we took the decision from the get go to be plastic free.

It is by no means the cheapest option and, as KILI is self funded and

it had a huge impact on finance but we knew it was something we totally believed in and were determined to do! So we love the fact that we use frosted Glass bottles for our skin glow and  then box them in recycled and recyclable cartons. Wherever possible we have developed, sourced and packed in the UK too so that we can try to support the independent beauty manufacturing business right here..