Lynn Rae - Remedial Face And Jaw Therapist

I have sought to live a holistic way of life as long as I can remember.

Natural and alternative remedies have always been my first point of call for both myself and the family I raised. I do feel that looking after your body inside and out is key to nurturing your mind body and soul..

Over the years I have used Iridologists, reflexologists, acupuncturists and massage therapists - to name but a few.. and I continue to be fascinated by new and innovative treatments in the marketplace that I can try myself and recommend on to family and friends.

I first met Lynn Rae a few years ago when I visited her for a deep tissue massage for a lower back issue I was suffering from.

Lynn and I have stayed in touch over the years and during recent conversations Lynn told me about her new treatment Remedial Face & Jaw Massage & Realignment – it sounds fascinating and definitely worth learning about… I asked Lynn how this treatment can help and here is her answer!

Whether you are suffering from jaw pain associated with clenching or grinding problems or other face, head and neck problems - Bell’s Palsy, headaches or facial cancer - We can offer a massage and exercise programme to help.

Through a highly-specialised from of facial therapy, including intra-oral massage, designed to reach and relax muscles of the face, neck and jaw, clients can experience the release of stress or posture-related pain and discomfort.

The initial session provides instant relief for jaw and intra-oral muscles that have usually never been touched let alone gently massaged. This allows the jaw to open more freely and comfortably. The intense yet carefully-focused treatment is extremely effective at combating the common discomforts and anxieties associated with dental work. By working inside the mouth, the client can gain a whole new awareness of areas of accumulated tension that may be due to surgery, medical treatment, paralysis or simply stress.

The treatment programme also includes facial and postural exercises and education. With strong client commitment, chronic clenching and grinding cases often see long-term success that traditional approaches fail to achieve.

An additional bonus is the redefinition and ‘sculpted’ appearance of the face, neck and shoulders - a natural ‘face-lift’