Kim's History As A Makeup Artist And Developer....

I have been a makeup artist for over 30yrs and a product developer for almost as long.  My first entry into development was when I was head hunted by Stephen Marks CEO of French Connection. Stephen asked me to create the first licensed deal for them with BOOTS UK some 20 years ago.

 It was the beginning of my love and passion for makeup and product development.  This range for FCUK was called FCUK Vanity and, with the success of this range, I later went on to help develop and create the FCUK Women and Men’s ranges that still grace the shelves of BOOTS UK to this day.

 This then led me to develop my own range of beauty products  called Angelique 18yrs ago.  Specifically made for Mothers & Babies this range was Natural and Organically derived. My ethical sourcing values and passion for botanicals were at the forefront of my range and our baby comfort blankets made in the UK were made from 100% Organic cotton. I personally invested in this range and learnt how to do my own PR, marketing and sales.  

I was lucky enough to sell Angelique in Selfridges and Content Wellbeing in Marylebone amongst many other retailers as well as having a UK and Japanese distributor later down the line. 

 The knowledge, ethics and ingredients in Angelique led me to develop Wild About Beauty with Louise Redknapp when she asked me to be co- founder with her, unfortunately Angelique then took a back seat as time constraints didn’t allow me to have both ranges. Wild About Beauty blended both my skills as a makeup artist and product developer. - You can see my passion for all things Natural, Botanical and Organic go back a long way. When Wild About Beauty folded after six years due to investor issues I was devastated, as all my knowledge and passion had gone into a range that was doing incredibly well and loved by Journalists, other makeup artists and consumers alike.

 Luckily after being my agent and friend for years Angeli and I went into business together and decided to launch Kili. For me our Golden Skin Glow has enable me to take one of our best -selling products from Wild About beauty and upgrade the formulation with adding more Botanical ingredients and packaging it in ECO friendly and stylish frosted glass bottles.