Kim Meets Narida Persaud... Face Workout Guru!

When I was a make-up artist I loved it when models or celebrities walk into the studio with great skin. It meant not only that I was able to use less makeup, “less is more “in my book (which was my preferred choice of looks) but also this also meant they really looked after themselves and can I add this was not always the case, lots of them were relying the photographer and me to make them look better.

I know looking after our skin and using great holistic routines and natural skincare products are just as important as making the correct choices in choosing the cosmetics we use. At Kili we ran a competition last week with Nadira V Persaud who has written her first book on facial yoga and pressure techniques and how this method of massage not only keeps our skin looking younger but it also make us spend a few minutes daily on self-care.

I asked Nadira, also a make-up artist a few questions regarding her idea on skin-care.

1.What made you do the book

My book Press Here! Face Workouts for Beginners was my opportunity to share practices of pressure techniques I have relied upon for myself and in my work, at a time when people were finally becoming more engaged with the concept of exercising their faces.


2. Do you feel as a makeup artist it starts with skin

Yes! It’s skin first and foremost, regardless of using make up to create statements or inject colour, skin is what I focus on with an aim to appear effortless, real and well-rested.


3.What importance in your mind does makeup play  

Make-up can be fun but the notion that is frivolous and vain is not something I agree with. It makes us feel good which is powerful and as part of self-care it can boost self-esteem.


4. Why facial yoga?

Why not? We work out our bodies, why not our faces which is made up of 42 individual muscles - the very framework of the face. These muscles all deserve to be mobile, carry strength and be free of tension resulting in more tone and definition. Plus, it’s an effective form of self-care and a good practice for de-stressing when you can find a mindful moment.


5. Have you been practicing this for years

I was introduced to face exercises by my mother, as part of my cleansing and moisturising routine in my early teens, which is why these practices are second nature to me. Being child of parents from the Caribbean and South America, these rituals are part of your daily rudiments and neve skipped. It was always drummed into me to look after the skin you are in.


6. Do you do this in your work as a makeup artist

I do incorporate face exercises into my work especially during cleansing by using a upward and outward motion after massaging product into skin. This way of prepping skin achieves a plump and radiant complexion before make-up application and proves an effective way when taking a ‘less is more’ approach.


7. At what age should we start

Each to their own but once there is interest in self-care these techniques can be easily applied though the contortion exercises can be fun to do with kids as there is a lot of pulling faces and why not have fun with it. I have a client of 81 years of age who follows my workouts having nevers done these before and she noticed improvement with the tone of her skin so I think it’s safe to say on some level its limitless.


8. Is it suitable for everyone

It's most definitely a method for everyone in one way or another.


9. Should it be done daily

Creating a daily habit of performing a face workout is ideal, especially if you want to train away negative habits like frowning. However, I’m mindful of time so urge people to incorporate what they can into their skin-care routine as well as to encourage the notion of relieving tension in the face by following some contortion exercises (all hands free) anywhere!