I first met Jane many years ago at a wellness retreat when I was representing Wild About Beauty Cosmetics. There was an instant connection between us and we spent hours discussing how important caring for you skin plays in feeling good. We also realised we share a passion for natural and organic ingredients – something I have advocated since my 20s. I immediately decided to try her products and, quite honestly it was love at first sight, touch and use!

 Jane and I have remained firm friends over the years and it was my pleasure to ask her a few questions on her brand journey and what her beliefs around skincare are.  I could have asked her so many questions as we share the same beauty beliefs and could talk forever but here are a few that I think sums up the essence of Jane.

 I love Jane’s approach to skincare and her knowledge around the skin is incredible.

She has a commitment to a healthy skin regime that helps and allows skin to rebalance.  Cleansing without stripping, exfoliating to stimulate, reconfigure and resurface, water to hydrate, food to nourish the skin and moisture for protection. 

 Jane Scrivner skincare expert and owner/developer of Jane Scrivner website:

 Why/when did you start in the skincare & beauty industry

 I came into this industry on the professional/therapist side back in the late 90’s it was my interest in massage and finding a way to get better results that piqued my interest. I trained as a massage therapist and as a LaStone Therapist in the USA with Mary Nelson.

 Do you think our make-up routine should starts with a great skincare routine?

 I do! Its all about the layering and making sure your skin is in the best condition it can be and this makes sure the make-up goes on well and stays on. I believe that great skin is the canvas for great make-up.  

 What importance in your mind does skincare play

  Taking care of your skin is really important BUT what that looks like to one person could be very different from the next.  Some genes give beautiful, healthy and glowing skin, so that routine needs to be simple, unfussy and lets the skin keep its natural balance. Some skins need help in resurfacing, hydrating, moisturising and refreshing with retinols and peels and that skin needs a good routine, done regularly and in balance to stay nourished. Some skins need injectables and procedures as well as applications to keep their owner happy.  

What’s important to me is that people can look in a mirror and think, skincare?Tick! And get on with their day. Skincare shouldn’t be a stress, skincare should be about you getting what you want for your skin. I’m all about finding the right routine for everyone, it can be simple, it can be complicated and it’s almost certainly going to involve a few steps but it needs to be done to get the results you want.

 Is natural/botanical skincare important

 This answer may surprise you but natural/botanical isn’t ‘so important’ in my mind what is important is that we look after our skin and at the same time look after the planet by being aware of waste and packaging choice. I work with naturals, botanicals, plant derived and organics because my interest and knowledge is in that lane. Remember some of the strongest drugs are plant derived; Heroine, Digitalis etc are all from plants and flowers.

 What made you develop your own range and how long ago was it launched

 I was a therapist looking for a range that suited my way of thinking but everything back then either came from a huge companies expecting minimum opening orders of way over 10k (yes, those days existed) or the alternative was working with very ‘home made’ products. Neither of which appealed to me. I was also travelling internationally and being exposed to fabulous, natural ingredients and seeing the benefits and results happen before me made me decide on using core, natural products that worked. Finding the suppliers of these ingredients and knowing how they were farmed and grown added to my interest. I probably launched my first product in a bottle back in 1999 but didn’t get to labels or ‘branding’ until very early 2000. My Jane Scrivner skincare range for women & men has grown since then through independent SPAs and retailing to many especially on QVC.

 At what age should we start with a good skincare routine

 We are looked after, washed and moisturised as babies, if there are skin issues as children these are addressed – so skin needs to be looked after and looked out for from the get go but a ‘routine’ can be anything, from simply keeping skin clean to dealing with major issues – its very individual but a basic cleanse/moisturise needs to be on everyone’s radar in early teens and definitely by early twenties a good routine established. It builds from there, just as the skin strength and integrity depletes from around 23 years, skincare needs to replenish and replace from around that time.