Intermittent Fasting

I’m taking on a new challenge in my life! Intermittent fasting – which I am doing with the aid of a fabulous support group of like-minded ladies who are all doing it alongside me!

The planning and monitoring has been set up by the amazing Ann Goodsell who is an incredibly experienced personal trainer. She knows when to be firm and when to encourage on those days you really don’t feel up to the challenge! – I highly recommend her and you can find her at @strictlyinspirationalfitness.

Although fasting is often publicised for a quick way to lose weight – that has not been my goal. I’ve never had an issue with body image and am happy being a size 12 and although I was constantly surrounded by models when I was a jobbing makeup artist - it was one thing that never bothered me.

My primary aim is to hopefully balance my hormones (very disrupted due to my menopause).

I’m on week 3 now and have lost weight but more importantly for me I have more energy and this way of eating really works for me as I work from home and can eat when it’s the right time for me.

I asked Ann what inspired her to set the group up:

I wanted to set up the group as I personally realised what issues we go through during the menopause and as a holistic PT I saw that Intermittent Fasting helped me and I wanted to help others in a similar position.

I think what's great about the group is everyone is on their own journey through the menopause either coming into Peri-menopause or exiting (Post menopause). They all see an impact on their bodies and mind during this time and changes in their digestion, way processing food and fundamentally how they feel about themselves as their bodies changes.

Intermittent fasting when gradually introduced say 12hrs on/12hrs off eating, followed by 14/10 or 16/8 can work well with your lifestyle and can have, over time, a massive impact on your insulin levels and with reduced levels of stress the hormone cortisol levels drop and fat melts away.

Menopause is a fabulous opportunity to reset, restore and reboot our systems and gain a better understanding how we are affected by these hormones. Intermittent Fasting can help calm the systems down so we can achieve a balance in our bodies again.

The 21 Day Reset group I set up helps to relax the mind too through daily meditations I send out. These helps to reduce stress and create space for clarity to set in which eases our way into Intermittent Fasting, gradually therefore enabling it to be built it into your lifestyle.

The 21 Day Hormone reset with the intermittent fasting and meditation complements the online classes with HIIT, Controlled workouts along with Power Walking as weight bearing exercise I run. The aim is to set you up for a Happy Healthy Strong Mobile Body full of energy and vitality for a healthy future.