Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand

I met Lizzie Falconer about 30 years ago when Lizzie was an agent for celebrities and I was the makeup artist on the job with her client. We hit it off straight away and have remained in each others lives one way or another ever since. More recently we met and chatted about meditation as both of us practise this, her professionally and me personally, in fact I’ve been on a few retreats she runs. I meditate daily and see the benefits mot only physically but mentally too so I chatted to lizzie on her thoughts regarding this amazing practise.


  1. Why the name Beautiful Thinking

    I believe that our thoughts are so powerful that we can change our lives through our thinking. So if we think more beautifully we can change ourselves, our outer world and collectively even the entire planet.

    I record bespoke meditations, each one is specifically narrated with a beautiful aspect to encourage more beautiful thoughts.

    2. How can meditating help with life’s up’s and down’s especially at this time.

    Meditation is a form of self-love, we all need time during the day to clear our minds and remind ourselves that we really matter. Scientifically, meditation has been proved to change our physical and psychological being. There are over 100 reasons why meditation is so good for you and your body.

    3. Do you believe how we look and feel effects our lives

    Yes I do. Beauty comes from self-love, well-being health and taking the time to pamper yourself. If you like who you see and how you feel reflecting back at you, that’s a wonderful thing.

    4. How long have you been meditating for and do you see changes in your life.

    I’ve been meditating for 21 years, and it’s an integral part of my day. It has helped me to cope in difficult times, and it constantly reminds me that within me and all of us, is a beautiful magical place. It helps us all to get to know our souls, and let go our conditioned human minds.

    5. Do you think meditation can help us through and beyond menopause? I have terrible Anxiety does meditation help with this symptoms during this time of life.

    One of the key components to the practice of meditation, is deep breathing. Controlling our breathing calms our nervous system, and in return removes the fight or flight feeling.

    As for menopause, which is such a complex condition, meditating can keep us calm and optimise our health and balance.

    6. How does meditation work on a biological way ie does it effect the Vagus nerve and therefore slow down heart racing etc

    Scientists have scanned the brain and body before and after meditation and the findings are fascinating and incredible. Regular practice has changed the body down to cellular level. We heal while we meditate, and continue to do so throughout the day.

    I have recorded meditations for people specifically to help heal cells, specific illnesses, pain, as well as emotional issues. The results have been life changing, and all you have to do is lie down, close your eyes and listen.